How to Wear: In Your Hair!

Last week our blog featured a tutorial on how to wrap your wrist with our silk ribbons. This week we are going to show you ways to wear them in your hair! Head bands, head wraps, and accessories for your hair are very big right now! Show off something different by using our hand dyed silk ribbons, and you will start trending in your area in no time. If you have any questions or want to email us pictures of your ideas, please do so at !


Aga with 2 tied together

Above are two of our silk ribbons, Zebra/Pink Edges Item #AP103 and Mixed Pink Item #219 tied together and intertwined in a funky spin on a ponytail.

thumbnail_FullSizeRenderOur clients at Juzusuke  used our Navajo Primary Blend Item# 232 Hand- Dyed Silk as a gorgeous head band! Perfect for the summer and you can use ANY of our 191+ colors as well!

Michelle hair dresser

Take 3 silk ribbons and braid them for a cool headband or wrist wrap!

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Fran and Judy, co-owners and founders, having fun at a trade show.

 Have a great week, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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The Many Ways to Wear Class Act Designs

Did you know there are many  ways to wear our hand dyed silks? Not only can you wear them on your wrist, but in your hair, around you neck and arms and ankles! We have 191+ colors to go with your outfit for any occasion. You can dress the silks up with pendants or charms, or wear them by themselves for a timeless look. Below, we are going to show you a tutorial on how to wrap your wrist- Enjoy!


Above is our Bora Bora Silk with Purple Metallic Edges. Item #328

Stay tuned! Next week we will have a blog up on examples of how to wear our Hand Dyed Silks in your hair, and around your neck!


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Artist of the Month: Laura Grant!

Laura Grant is a phenomenal jewelry artist.  We are in LOVE with everything she does and once you get her charms on our Class Act Designs Silks, it’s like heaven on your wrist. They feel and look so amazing. Take a look on what Laura is all about!

“My name is Laura Grant and I am the person behind Kiikers.  I live in Mission Viejo, California along with my husband, twin 13-year old girls, two dogs and two cats.  I began making jewelry 5 years ago, and became obsessed with all the different aspects of metalsmithing.  In addition to being self-taught in many aspects of jewelry making, I have been blessed to have taken classes from some of the best in the business – Sharilyn Miller, Connie Fox, Joe Silvera, Tracy Stanley, Janice Berkebile and Susan Lenart Kazmer  – these teachers have taught me how to rivet, fuse, solder, enamel, wrap and shape wire of all gauges, chase, repousse, forge, emboss, texture, and hand-stamp metal.”

” I have obsessed on learning everything I can about making jewelry over the last five years, and have taken many classes from master teachers such as Susan Lenart Kazmer, Janice Berkebile, Lisa Claxton, Lisa Niven Kelly, Connie Fox, Mary Hettmansperger, and Sharilyn Miller. My favorite methods are fusing, PMC, wire wrapping, torch work and forging raw metal into wearable pieces.”

Laura currently has an esty and home website. Find the links below to direct you.
Home Website:

         Doesn’t her sterling silver leaf charm look great on our Hawaiian Rainbow silk?

Here’s some more of Laura’s work that would go great with any of our silks!



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Love Wins

Alex and Ashley met when they were 13 at a winter fast pitch workout. They were called twins, and best friends from that moment on.

Both girls played against each other at Mead and University High School. Alex was a Freshman, and Ashley was a Sophomore. Alex only knew her as the standout catcher and the girl who was dating the third basemen.
They played together on the A’s fast pitch team the summer Alex turned 16. Traveling on a trip to California and sitting next to each other on the plane, they wrote the flight attendant a song on the back of a Burger King crown and ended up singing it over the intercom to the entire plane. Alex and Ash were inseparable after that.

Playing first year of college together, Alex I tore her MCL. Ashley moved to Wright State to play and finish school. She tore her Labrum, and ended her long term relationship. Ashley moved back to Washington,  when Alex  was in Colorado having a “before 20’s” crisis helping her sister Jennie with her two babies.

After Alex’s Colorado adventure, she moved to Olympia, Washington. Both remained close friends through her move. Alex came back to Spokane devastated from her recent break up  with her girl friend. Ashley was there for Alex immediately.

They rekindled their friendship, and it didn’t take long for them to both realize they loved each other. After a year of up and downs, they decided to date and the rest was history. Alex and Ashley have a wedding date set for August of 2016 at Ashley’s parent’s lake house in Spokane!


The Girls are sporting our Pride Rainbow Silks, available in two different colors!

Ashley proposed to Alex December of 2015, and totally shocked her! Love this sweet moment.

Alex and Ashley are amazing Auntie’s to all of their niece’s and nephew’s.


Our Pride Rainbow Silks are available with Silver Metallic Edges, and Tan Edges.


These ladies love sporting our silks, and our posing together in their new home in Spokane, Washington. Add any of your own charms or pendants to add that special touch!



A special thank you to Joel Gillespie for capturing the ladies in our Pride Rainbow Silks! If you ever need a Photographer in Spokane, Washington he is your guy.
Also to Alex and Ashley for sharing their story with us, and all of our viewers.

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Spring Is In The Air!

“No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.”- Proverb

Not only the time change is upon us but a chance to change your style! Start here with Class Act Designs. Use our hand dyed silk ribbons instead of that tired old chain or leather to hang a favorite pendant or charm. Add that special charm or semi-precious stone to your wrist wrap or headband and people will be stopping you on the streets just to ask you where these wraps are from! Spring is right around the corner and we want to help brighten your fashion. Here are some of our favorite spring silk ribbon colors:



image2 (2)





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Happy Easter and Passover!

Whether you and your loved ones are gathering around the table to celebrate Easter or Passover, we have just what you need to bring the festive colors to your home! Planning on wrapping your cutlery in fabric napkins? Tie our silks around them to finish them off  and they will be sure to make your table pop with color! Have little ones that can’t wait to go Easter egg hunting? Try tying one, two, or several of our hand dyed silks around their basket! See strands of ribbon color that will have them even more excited to munch on their chocolates and goodies later on.

What we also love about our silks is they can be used as a fashion accessory. Tie them in your hair, wrap your wrist, hang from your neck and make a choker, use as an upper arm band. The possibilities are endless! Purchase the same one for your daughter, mother, friend, sister, etc. so you can match and share these special silks not only on this Holiday, but forever after!

We hope you have a very special day, and from all of us here at Class Act Designs, we wish you a very Happy Easter and Passover.



image2 (1)

 Bunny charm from: artisan-rabbit?ref=shop_home_active_1&ga_search_query=bunny

FullSizeRender                                 Above is our Silk Ribbon: Blue Sky/ White Clouds Item#: 227

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Artist of the Month: Carla Huffman

Carla Huffman earned her BA in art at California State University Northridge where she learned silk screening, textile design, metal-smithing, print making, ceramics, and more.  She also holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and is a licensed psychotherapist.  Her interest in art and the psyche have been at the center of her studies and her artistic adventures.
She has an online Esty shop and participates in farmers’ markets and craft fairs in Denver, Colorado where she currently lives.  She makes nature inspired and whimsical jewelry, collages, assemblages, and greeting cards.  Carla’s colorful quilt charm jewelry was featured in McCall’s Quilting magazine March/April 2015 issue. Below are some of Carla’s most recent work using our silk ribbons:

Carla has several website’s that you can find her work on. Check out these links below to direct you.


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