Gettin’ Spooky With It

BOO! We spooked you didn’t we?ūüôā How is it that October is here and it’s time to get our candy bowls out for all of the sweet kiddies ringing our bells?! We LOVE Halloween here at Class Act Designs! Our hand dyed silks give you unlimited options to finish your last touches on your costumes. Or, they can make the perfect costume as well! Add that charm or pendant to your necklace or wrist wrap, and you will be sure to stand out at your neighbors party this year!


June Gloom: With the blends of white, grey, and black, you can add this to any Halloween attire!


Chocolate Moss: Chocolate Moss reminds us of those green and brown pumpkin leaves or  even your scary witches nose!


Sunshine Orange: Black and Orange…the traditional Holiday colors! You just can’t go wrong. Adding the sparkly snake adds a little wicked glam!


Jet Black w Gold Metallic Edges: Thinking of being a Pumpkin this year? Add our jet black silk with those pretty gold edges and you are all set!

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Have a SPOOK-TACULAR  Halloween, and please remember to be safe! From all of us here at Class Act Designs, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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Fall into Class Act Designs!

It’s that time of year…again! The leaves are falling and changing color, the cold bite in the air, ¬†and finally being able to turn down that A.C! Football games, back to school, warm sweaters, and the smell of FALL everywhere around you. We love Autumn here at Class Act Designs. What makes it even better is our hand dyed silks. Our colors for Fall are endless, and most importantly- timeless. We have colors for each and every one of you. They are amazing gifts as well.
Our silk ribbons we chose for you today really remind us of what Fall is all about. They bring in the fall colors, and you can dress them up or down as much as you like. Let us help you usher in the new season! Happy Fall!

thumbnail_IMG_2973Pictured above:
-Burnt Orange
-Autumn Leaves
-Emerald Green
-A-Maize-ing Grace
-Chocolate Garnet




Chocolate Garnet                                                      Pairing our silks with your own bangles, watch, or bracelets, gives the hand dyed silk an extra pop!

Mix and match these fall fashion ideas to create a unique look this autumn. For more information about Class Act Designs‚Äô products, check out our online selection or call us today at 888-799-0311 ‚Äď and don‚Äôt forget to share these ideas with a fellow designer, friend or your favorite bead shop or boutique!
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Artist of the Month: Leslie Brown

Wearable Art is the best way to describe Designs by Leslie jewelry. Leslie has been making unique, one of a kind jewelry and gift items since 2003. She combines a unique style of glass fusing & lamp work with sterling silver wire wrapping in her main line of pendants and earrings.

Leslie’s brother was killed in the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. She was devastated and lost, but a year later, almost to the date she found herself in a glass class at Maryland Hall for Creative Arts. She does not remember signing up for the class, but it truly was a blessing. Leslie worked thru her grief by creating with glass, taking classes across the country and refining her technique. She soon left a a career in finance to focus on her glass and young family.

Leslie‚Äôs business theme is ‚Äúbeauty and possibilities.‚ÄĚ She sees this in all of her art, and believes that each of her pieces has a special energy that comes from her experiences. The connection to her brother which caused her to want to live out loud, her love of the ocean and her desire to inspire others is found in every item she makes.

She combines her own poetry and favorite quotes with her work whenever possible. Her own words are written beautifully and printed on card stock with her Acceptance Stars and Snowflakes. Her Story Pendants and Bracelets are wearable inspiration. And her Serenity Bracelets are designed to be a wearable worry stone to soothe an anxious heart. She has found a way to share inspiration and humor through a technique that allows her to fuse words into glass, making a lasting impression on her night lights, plates and jewelry.

Her work also includes an eco-friendly line of wine bottle jewelry, belt buckles and candles.

All of Leslie’s work is handmade in her Severna Park, MD studio that she shares with 2 dogs and a cat and frequent visits from her husband, sons and mother, all of whom influence her work on a daily basis.

You can shop Leslie’s products on her Etsy and home website! Click the links below.


Please visit Class Act Designs, Inc. web site  and check out all of our Original Silk Ribbon colors, our Super Silk Ribbons and soon our newest product РSilk Ribbon Tassels!


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Artist of the Month: Jennifer Swett

Jennifer Swett is the owner of Sixpence Jewelry located in New York, New York. Learn more about Jennifer and what she has in store below!

“I create handcrafted glass pendants for cathedral and museum gift shops using photos of stained glass windows, as well as various antique images. While creating a line of Frida Kahlo pendants, I began reading about her unique dress style. This inspired me to seek out silk ribbon to match the colors Frida wore, and discovered Class Act Designs! Since then, I‚Äôve begun integrating them into the rest of my line. They are so lovely that my customers frequently ask if they can purchase ¬†the ribbon‚Ķwithout the pendant!” -Jennifer Swett


Sixpence Jewelry has specialized in creating custom glass pendants for museum collections, historic institutions and cultural sites since 2006.

Concentrating on the specific highlights and iconic motifs within a collection, they develop product lines which capture the artistic detail, design and integrity of the original subject while adapting it to uniquely innovative pieces.

¬†Each glass pendant is meticulously handcrafted from conception to completion¬†in Jennifer’s studio located in downtown Manhattan.

To visit Jennifer’s store click on this direct link :¬†

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Sweet Summer Time!

Summer has finally arrived. It’s warm, the pools are open, the lakes are buzzing with boats, and all the kiddies have Popsicle stained mouths and fingers! Memories are made in these wonderful months. We wanted to share with you what our customers have done with our hand-dyed silks, and how they are wearing them this sunny summer of 2016. The links are directly below the pictures so you can check their personal websites out. If you have any pictures of you or a friend wearing our silks, email it to us please. We love seeing the new creative ways you are wearing Class Act Designs products and you can be featured in our social media pages! Have the BEST summer filled with your friends and family and remember the sun block!







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Independence Day with Class Act!

“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.”
~Elmer Davis

Fourth of July is one of our favorite holidays here at Class Act Designs! We get to celebrate our amazing country and the brave men and women who defend it. We have the PERFECT accessories for you to wear this Independence Day. We have a variety of colors that will help you celebrate and really show the love for your country! Whether you want to wear them on your wrist, ankles, hair, or decorate your home- our hand dyed silk ribbons are going to the be perfect touch for you this 4th of July.

Our clients at used our Old Glory Silk with a rose charm.



You can find this fun charm at and add it to any of the silks!

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Have a fun and safe 4th of July! 

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Happy Father’s Day!

Did you know that our silk ribbons are not just for the ladies, but men too? Spoil your Dad, Uncle, Brother, Grandfather, or that special male figure in your life this Father’s Day! We offer so many colors that you will have trouble picking out just one! Layer them up or put them in a¬†simple wrap. We know how difficult it can be to buy that special (and unique)¬†gift. WOW him¬†this year with our hand dyed silk ribbons, and he will want to wear them everyday. Nothing is more special than a gift from the heart, so let us help you! Check out these guys below sporting their silks — pretty dang studly!


Even Patrick Dempsey loves our silks! He is wearing our solid black silk. We love how he layered it with his watch, giving a very sharp look!


Above is our El Toro hand dyed silk.


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