Silk Ribbon Lariat Tutorial

With the versatility of the silk ribbons we make in almost 200 colors, we created a lariat using extra sterling beads, sterling chain, and semi-precious stones left over from other projects. The result was a beautiful piece of textured wearable art.


  • Ruby red chalcedony stones, 12 mm hexagonal facet
  • 1     Carnelian stone, 12 mm hexagonal
  • 2     Magenta Chalcedony, 8 mm faceted
  • 2     Magenta Chalcedony 8 mm rondelles
  • 2     Sunstone 8 mm rondelles
  • 5     Cherry Quartz 5 mm round
  • 2     Sterling Silver Bali bead caps 8 mm
  • 3   Sterling Silver Bali beads 8-10 mm
  • 2     Sterling Silver Bali spacer beads
  • 1     Sterling Silver 1 ½” headpin
  • 3     Sterling Silver 2” headpins
  • 2     Sterling Silver 3 mm fancy crimp with loop end caps
  • 1     Sterling Silver open chain 2 5/8”
  • 1     Sterling Silver 5 mm open jump ring
  • 10” Sterling Silver 24 gauge wire for wrapping
  • Any Class Act Designs silk ribbon color or blend


  • Needlenose pliers
  • Roundnose pliers
  • Cutter

Finished Size:


Step 1: Using needlenose pliers, crimp one fancy end cap in the middle onto each end of

the silks, bringing the silk to the loop end of the crimp

Step 2: On one crimp end, attach the 1” and 1 ½” pieces of open chain with a 5 mm

open jump ring

Step 3: On the second loop of 1 ½” open chain, wire wrap the first “dangle” using a 2”

headpin, a large Bali bead, a 7 mm Magenta chalcedony rondelle and a 5 mm round

cherry quartz

Step 4: Wire wrap the 12 mm hexagonal carnelian onto a 1 ½ “ headpin. Take a 2” piece of 24 gauge wire and wrap one end onto the loop of the carnelian stone. On this wire, bead 1 cherry quartz (5mm), 1 large Bali bead and another cherry quartz (5 mm). Wire wrap this piece onto the end of the 1” chain.

Step 5: Using a 2” headpin, add 1 hexagonal 12 mm ruby red chalcedony, one Bali spacer and

1 faceted magenta chalcedony (8mm) and wire wrap onto the end of the 1” chain.

Step 6: Wire wrap a 2” piece of wire onto the loop of the other end cap on the other side of

the silk. Bead 1 cherry quartz (5 mm), 1 large Bali bead and another cherry quartz

(5 mm) and wrap end of wire into a loop for step #7.

Step #7: Using another 2” piece of wire, wrap onto the end. (See Step#6) Bead 1 sunstone

rondelle (8 mm) 1 Bali bead cap, 1 round magenta chalcedony (8mm), another Bali

bead cap and another sunstone and wrap the wire end with a loop for step #8.

Step #8: Take another 2” headpin and bead 1 hexagonal ruby red chalcedony (12mm), 1 Bali

spacer and another faceted magenta chalcedony (8mm). Wire wrap onto end of last

loop from step #7.


Any beads or semi-precious stones can be used for this project. Use a silk color that accentuates your favorite beads and/or stones. This lariat can be worn as a bracelet tied around the wrist or as a necklace tied in the following ways:

#1 – Fold lariat in half and make a loop, pulling both ends through, worn as a choker

#2 – Place end around neck and loop one end over the other, worn as a choker or lower

#3 – From the front, take both ends around the back of the neck and cross in back,

then bring around front to loop one end over the other, worn as a double choker

or loosely tied lower on the neck

#4 Tie around neck in a small bow, letting ends hang loosely

Lariat photo 576

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Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Class Act Designs!

As most of you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month that is dedicated to raising more consciousness on a devastating disease affecting so many women worldwide. As an all woman company, we at Class Act Designs take breast cancer very seriously for it can greatly impact ourselves, one another, and loved ones.

Pink ribbons are a national color and indicator of those who support breast cancer and we are proud to carry several pink silk ribbons in honor of a great cause. Below are different pink solid and metallic edged silk ribbon colors we provide:

Baby Pink/Pink Metallic Edges Item #301

Baby Pink/Pink Metallic Edges Item #301

Baby Pink/Silver, Item #302

Baby Pink/Silver, Item #302

Dark Pink, Item #142

Dark Pink, Item #142

Pale Pink, Item #140

Pale Pink, Item #140

Pink/Gold Metallic Edges, Item #303

Pink/Gold Metallic Edges, Item #303

Poppin' Pink/Pink Metallic Edges, Item #334

Poppin’ Pink/Pink Metallic Edges, Item #334

Using one of these ribbons with a simple, elegant pendant or charm can be a thoughtful gift for anyone you may know with breast cancer. Of course, you can always support Breast Cancer Awareness by simply tying and attaching one of our ribbons on your shirt.

Any of the above ribbons are always available for direct purchase on our website, please help support this amazing cause. For more information on Breast Cancer Awareness, click the following link:

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Artist of the Week: Chelsea Farmer

Our Artist of the Week is Chelsea Farmer who created HorseFeathers in 2009 with her mother and co-founder Tammy.  HorseFeathers was launched in Chelsea’s hometown of Western Kentucky starting as a small local shop which bloomed into a strong e-commerce brand across the nation. offers vintage-inspired and exclusive accessories, home goods, and jewelry that features our silk ribbons. Inspired by the rural landscape of Kentucky, Chelsea and Tammy worked together to create a country, small town feel with all of their products. The immense success of HorseFeathers has allowed the company the opportunity to be featured in Ok! Magazine, Fox News, and has gained great popularity among celebrities nationwide.

Setting HorseFeathers apart from competitors is that Chelsea and her mom pride themselves on being an eco-friendly company. They are committed to using Earth’s natural resources fairly and wisely, using only fair trade supply parters and recycling all throughout the studio. HorseFeathers truly is a company anyone would love.

Below are pictures of some of the custom-made silk wrap bracelets HorseFeathers using Class Act Designs silk ribbons.

To learn more, please visit Chelsea’s website at




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Class Act Designs Silk Scarves

Greetings family, friends, and colleagues! As some of you may know, in addition to our silk ribbons, Class Act Designs also makes silk scarves. All of our scarves are handmade, hand-dyed 100% chiffon silk, just like our silk ribbons. Currently, we have six scarf blends available for wholesale purchase, they are:

1. SCF101: Mango Blend

2. SCF102: Om My!

3. SCF103: Kaleidoscope

4. SCF104: Heather

5. SCF105: Harvest Festival

6. SCF106: La Vida Loca

Each scarf can come in two styles, cut-edge or infinity in two different lengths: Small 4″ x 64″ ($50 wholesale each) or Large 11″ x 67″ ($65 wholesale each). Below are some pictures of a few of our different colors, go to the Scarves section on our website to order and please please, spread the word!

scf101_mango scf104_heather_scarf scarf_large_la_vida_loca_use

Photos from top to bottom: Mango Blend, Heather, La Vida Loca



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2014 Bead & Button Show

We had such a fabulous time at this years Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee, WI. It is always a pleasure to see old friends and meet new ones every time we attend the Bead & Button Show. Thank you to all who came out and purchased our silk ribbons. Below are a some great pictures of our silk display, read more at the following link:


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Jewelry by Chelsea Farmer

Chelsea Farmer, owner and designer of HorseFeathers, creates stunning silk wrap bracelets using our silk ribbons. Below are just some of the amazing jewelry Chelsea makes with our ribbons, visit her site to order.



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Artist of the Week: Laura Souder

Laura Souder has been a professional jewelry designer and ceramic artist for over 35 years. Her style is simple, yet elegant.  It is composed of a careful balance of hues, contrast, and proportion, punctuated with subtle details.

Nature is an endless source of inspiration for her. Her spirit is renewed as she enjoys her garden, trees, birds and wildlife. Her artwork reflects her connection with nature, and her love for its organic beauty.

As a ceramic artist, she did her graduate study at Rhode Island School of Design. Laura has been creating original handcrafted colored porcelain jewelry since 1978.

Her current passion is raku ceramics, and not surprisingly, raku jewelry!  Laura first discovered Class Act Designs silk ribbons online and fell in love, but didn’t have any jewelry to match at the time. Three years later she met Fran and Judy, the founders of and owners of Class Act Designs, at the To Bead True Blue Show in Tucson. This time she was ready with a new delicious collection of raku pendants. What a perfect match!

Laura no longer shows her pendants on chain, but displays them artistically on Class Act Designs silk ribbons.  It’s a match made in heaven! Examples of her jewelry pendants using Class Act Designs silk ribbons are shown below:


img_lsouder_raku_pendant_fern lsouder_ClassAct_ribbon_display (1) lsouder_headshot lsouder_RakuPendantCombo_Ribbons.x

You can find Laura Souder’s Raku pendants and jewelry components at her etsy store,, and visit her booth at the 2015 Tucson To Bead True Blue Show.


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