Artist of the Week: Cirello Metalsmith

Cirello Metalsmith is a partnership of artisans who strive to inspire passion, life and evolution by manifesting a positive transformation from within. By creating a tangible representation of a particular moment or thought, collectors become a moving canvas for the “miniature time-capsule” expressing this intention into the future.

mosaic93a8066a2d5a9843dfc2ebbfdbb36263f45ee7ceWith designs emerging from Sacred Geometry, their art is recognized as a symbol of the Divine connections within all that exists, creating jewelry that is meant to connect its wearers to more than just the physical creations. Their work will ground you and open your awareness to the infinite potential we all hold.

mosaic8cbf5cbcff010110e3451140247c75e6b93cc054Empowering others to share the messages of Love that come from honoring our collective Spirit each piece contains a story – a way of life that can be traced through these wearable artworks over generations.

Featured lines:

AMORDIVIN: Hand-Cut Fine Jewelry & Inspired by Divine Love
Using traditional metalsmithing techniques, AMORDIVIN is crafted from sterling silver, copper, brass, precious and semi-precious gemstones. Each piece is hand-cut with a jeweler’s saw from sheet metal then transformed through heat and other precision tools, expressing the unique qualities of hand-made offerings.

mosaicad02005d9506e6b269547bfab9961b798931b985SACRED EXISTENCE: Laser-Cut Stainless Steel Jewelry & Reclaim Your Sacred Existence
Sacred Existence is made in San Diego, CA from hand selected pieces of reclaimed 316L stainless steel providing eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant jewelry. These designs are laser cut, hand-polished and formed by local artisans who are dedicated to quality craftsmanship and the well-being of our world.

mosaic222b400196208f6aaadb03e5c21eb726ee190ffaAbout the Artists:

Matthew Cirello found his passion in metal with his first jewelry class in 2002 at Humboldt State. After college, he moved back to San Diego to live in the house where he grew up with his parents, who were willing to help him with his art career. He set up shop in the garage and worked part-time jobs while making jewelry every day. He was determined to become a proffesional jewelry artist. Since then, he has received multiple awards for his talents, became a member of Spanish Village Art Center in 2007, opened his first gallery in 2008 – Positive Space and in 2009 began collaborating with another local artist, Jonathan Wheeler, to create a laser-cut reclaimed stainless steel line, Sacred Existence.

mosaic4c5b0290a1e4b22b7c24aa3427c379923caf4d70Jasmine discovered her passion for the arts while apprenticing under Matthew from 2009-2010. When life brought her across the country to Virginia, she continued to follow her artistic path. Building a small metalworking studio in her home, she deepened her knowledge of her trade while studying under a local goldsmith and received her RYT200 certification at Healing Arts & Yoga Center in Fredericksburg. In August of 2012, she moved back to San Diego settling in her studio at Positive Space, where you can watch her and Matthew crafting their hand-cut fine jewelry line, AMORDIVIN.

Cirello Metalsmith is here to serve humanity. Creating tangible manifestations of positive intention for you to carry with you on this journey of life. We feel blessed that such talented artists incorporate Class Act Designs silk ribbons into their work! Find more inspiring work from Cirello Metalsmith on their Etsy page, and check out this video on Wrist Mandala and Tools of Transformation!

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Artist of the Week: Lori Cohn

Our featured artist of the week is Lori Cohn, owner of Charmed Design!


Have you ever had an experience that changed your life forever? Lori Cohn’s jewelry, Charmed Design, was born out of such an event. It came into being as something constructive and positive to do while Lori recovered from a sudden and life threatening illness.

 A few years ago, Lori woke to find herself in an intensive care unit with absolutely no knowledge of how she got there. Lori learned that she had become ill from an infection that was a side effect of a routine tooth extraction. She came very close to dying, had several life saving surgeries, and is blessed to be here today.


Though the illness caused Lori to lose her job, home, and life as she knew it, surviving such a near death experience has made her feel and believe that she is indeed – CHARMED.

 After a month or two of creating, Lori had a pile of pretty bracelets using handmade and hand-dyed silk ribbons, and discovered that she wanted to inspire and empower other women by sharing her experience, gratitude, and hope through the medium of jewelry.


After encouragement from her very supportive family, Lori decided to open up shop on Fast forward a couple of years and she now has a successful website of her own and sells in boutiques, spas and yoga studios around the world.

 Out of tragedy has come something beautiful. Lori has a career that she loves and is getting healthier by the day. Lori’s jewelry reflects her experience and love for life. She shares this by exploring the fascinating world of symbols that have traditionally surrounded and directed us. Lori uses charms and energetic stones to design each piece to be full of meaning and beautifully unique. Her jewelry is all about feeling good and looking gorgeous….If Lori can be charmed, so can you!


Here at Class Act Designs, we are so thankful that unique artists like Lori can put their own artistic touch on our silk ribbons! Take a look at the Charmed Design’s Facebook page to find more inspirational work.

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Artist of the Week: Terry Ricioli

Our featured artist of the week is Terry Ricioli, owner of Terry Ricioli Designs!


Terry Ricioli is a published author, award-wining designer and teacher in the creative industries.  She creates original designs that are published in magazines, books, on websites and on her blog. Her jewelry designs have appeared in Stringing, 101 Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings, Craft Ideas (formerly Crafts ‘n things) and Bead Design Studio among others.  Her latest jewelry book, Vintage Impressions Jewelry, showcases her love of vintage jewelry styles.

 Terry has been creative from a young age and grew up in a creative family where sewing, knitting, embroidery and crochet were early loves.  About ten years ago, Terry rediscovered beading when she was asked to teach a class at a local craft store.  After watching the class video, she made the samples and discovered a new passion.  She adds that to a long list of media in which she designs–recycled art, needlepoint on plastic canvas, wirework, French knitting and children’s crafts–to name a few.

She loves to add fiber and ribbons to her jewelry designs including the beautiful silk ribbons from CAD.  Here’s one of her designs that was published in the Fall, 2012, issue of Stringing magazine entitled “October Sunset”.


 Recently she was delighted to meet the owners at the 2014 Winter Craft and Hobby show and saw the beautiful silk scarves they carry.  Always up for a design challenge, she designed a necklace to complement the silk scarves.  This jewelry uses the Kaleidoscope scarf as the necklace support accenting the scarf and enhancing the jewelry.  This type of scarf jewelry is very versatile and can be worn in many ways. Here at Class Act Designs, we create handmade, hand-dyed scarves that can be embellished on the corners and ends with beads, stones, or even with our iron-on hot fix Swarovski crystals sold on our website!


Although Terry sells mainly to publishers, she also accepts commissioned work.  You can reach her at We are so thankful to have the chance to meet such amazing artists like Terry! We are truly impressed with how she decorated our scarf with unique jewelry pieces. Make sure to follow Terry’s blog to find more inspiring work!

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To Bead True Blue Show Announcement!

It’s that time of year again! To Bead True Blue, the largest gem, bead and mineral show in the country, is just around the corner! Here at Class Act Designs, we are thrilled to spend our 9th year at this amazing show and showcase our beautiful silk ribbons and scarves! It takes place from February 2 – February 10 at Doubletree Reid Park in Tucson, Arizona. 


It is a tradition for designers and gallery owners to gather in Tucson to search for new and eclectic beads, gemstones, and jewelry. The show will have over 500 artisan booths, galleries and merchant displays that are presented by well-known artisans and emerging designers, with jewelers, gemcutters, weavers, metalworkers, beadmakers, clay and fiber artists, and hat makers! This truly is a can’t miss event. You can check out who is on the exhibitor list for this year’s show. 


We are so excited to showcase our many new silk ribbon colors for spring and summer including Here Comes the Bride, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Peach Blanket Bingo, and Grandma’s Wallpaper. The last group of our new colors can be found on our main website. These fabulous colors are Azure Like Truffles, Muir Woods, La Vida Loca, and Cape Coral Purple! 


In addition to the ability to search for new and exciting beads, gemstones, and jewelry, the To Bead True Blue Show provides hands-on workshops and classes called artisans in residence. A studio-like setting is designed for participants to engage in creative workshops. All skill levels are welcome! Take a look at the 2014 workshop list.

Come check out all of the amazing artists at the To Bead True Blue Show, and don’t forget to stop by our booth! We will be located at Booth GF 190 in the Grand Foyer at the entrance to the main ballroom. 

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Artist of the Week: Tina Ellerbrake

Our featured artist of the week is Tina Ellerbrake, owner of MaTina Jewellery


MaTina Jewelry is handmade in Germany with love.

Tina’s love for design and extraordinary materials inspired Ma(r)Tina Ellerbrake to fulfill her creativity by creating and fashioning jewelry. By using different and unique materials she follows current styles and trends, which she passionately implements in her studio in Hagen.

The elaborate handmade jewellery (Made in Germany) immediately caught on and the collection is now completed. These pieces made with love and passion are now available for all the trendy and style-conscious women who take pride in their individuality.


They work with components of Swarovski, Shamballa pearls, Buddha, skull, and of course of lovely hand-dyed and hand-sewn silk ribbons. All designs are finished with a magnetic closure, making them perfect for everyday wear. 


We are so grateful that we get to work with wonderful people like Tina who have such an artistic eye and can transform our ribbons into something unique. Make sure to check out their Facebook page to stay updated with all their news too! Keep up the beautiful work Tina!

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Artist of the Week: Keeley Rogers

Our featured artist of the week is Keeley Rogers, owner of Indo Love


Travel, yoga, and the ocean have all brought so much inspiration, gratitude and love to life and are the reasons Keeley started this jewelry line.

Indo Love pieces are an eclectic blend of bohemian, yoga and ocean inspired jewelry. Wear these pieces to help capture the abundance of love in every moment. They are small reminders of what makes life so beautiful. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that increase our overall well-being and bring purpose and acceptance to our day.


Keeley Rogers, owner of Indo Love Jewelry, lives in Encinitas, CA. Through yoga, travel and an active healthy lifestyle, she strives for an abundant life filled with meaning, inspiration and spirituality, just like each individual Indo Love piece.

Each hand crafted piece is made with love and may vary slightly. “Wear your intentions and live inspirationally every day!”


We are so thankful that we get to work with Keeley! She does an absolutely amazing job and we love her take on our hand-dyed and hand-sewn silk ribbons. Make sure to check out her Instagram (IndoLoveJewelry) and Facebook page as well to stay updated!

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Artist of the Week: Susan Scaparotti

Susan Scaparotti is the designer behind red i jewelry. Susan creates one of a kind, handmade necklaces, bracelets,and earrings that are unique, timeless and fashion forward.


Susan describes herself as being born a decade too late. A hippie at heart, she will forever revere the peace symbol as a relevant, current icon. Growing up the daughter of a fine jeweler, she coveted well-designed, beautiful pieces of jewelry at an early age. In the 80’s, she discovered a passion for art, and with the guidance of several very talented mentors, she acquired a BFA with a concentration in Sculpture at Kent State University in Ohio. 


Her determination to find a job that utilized her art experience was finally realized in 1987. A 17-year career as an accessory buyer for Deering Gallery in Cleveland followed, and led her to her true calling. She met hundreds of talented designers and fine-tuned her ability to forecast trends in fashion and accessories. She was most passionate about jewelry. She began creating her own designs and found that customers wanted them too. This led to some very late nights of jewelry making, and red i jewelry was born.


In 2004, she decided to turn her passion into a full time career. When Henri Bendel New York invited her for three consecutive trunk shows, she knew she would never look back. Her work is now available in fine clothing stores, boutiques, and museum stores.

Susan is thankful every day that she has the support to do what she loves for a living. We’re happy you stuck with jewelry making too, Susan, because we love your work with our hand-dyed and hand-sewn silk ribbons! Your jewelry is so beautiful and we are so glad that we get to work with you!

Check out Anne’s Facebook page as well to stay updated with all her news! Make sure to stay updated with our Facebook and Twitter for news as well!

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